Gran Turismo Sport Preview: Will GT Sport Reclaim Its Throne?

The Gran Turismo Sport aims to recapture the lead in the car racing game industry. This Gran Turismo Sport Preview reveals if it has what it takes to get to the top. 

It has been 3 years since the release of the PS4, and finally Sony has finished twiddling its thumb—the Gran Turismo Sport is coming for the new console at last. For many racing fans, this should be great news, since the GT franchise did set the standard for car games. But now the Gran Turismo brand is no longer preeminent on the scene, as it has been relegated to the sidelines by the arrival of excellent competitors. In this Gran Turismo Sport Preview, let’s see if the new version can get the GT franchise back at the lead of the pack. 

Gran Turismo Sport Preview

  • The graphics are hands-down beautiful. You won’t find a racing game on the PS4 that looks better. You can set the weather and the time of day for the race, and the lighting effects will be terrific. The rendition of the cars is absolutely detailed. Even the racing environment, from the Tokyo Speedway tunnels to the trees of the Nordschleife, looks amazingly precise.
  • You’ll also get a livery editor. There are huge communities of livery makers for rivals Need for Speed and Forza Motorsport, so at least Sony didn’t miss this chance for long-term engagement.
  • The sound needs more work. The GT team said they focused more on improving the sound, but their efforts ended up with disappointing results. Motors that should sound like visceral roars seem somehow muted and unreal. Compared to the almost feral sound quality of cars in other games, the GT sound for the same cars are relatively tame. Hopefully, this flaw can be fixed in time for the launch.
  • Lots of cars, track layouts, and locations. Variety is the spice of life, so you can’t have just a few cars on the same locations with a few track layouts. Instead, you get 19 locations with about a total of 37 track layouts. Furthermore, you have 140 premium cars to choose from!
  • While you get lots of real existing tracks like the Nordschleife and Willow Springs, you also get 2 new tracks. One is a street circuit around Tokyo similar to the Route 246, while the other is an oval track.

Preview Gran Turismo Sport

The 140 cars are split into 4 groups. You start with the road cars, and at the end you can try out Le Mans prototypes. There’s even a fantasy GT3 car group, where you can get a Jaguar F-type and then give it a fantastic GT racer treatment that makes it look like a dangerous Batmobile.

  • Offline and Online modes. You can always play it offline like any other video game. There’s a driver training mode so you can get better before you try online racing. There’s also a Racing Etiquette mode, so you know how to drive and race without coming off as a jerk.

But the ultimate game is still online. One online championship has you representing your country in the Nations Cup. The other is the Manufacturer Cup, which lets you represent your favorite car maker.  You play with real people, and the satisfaction you get from winning is real as well.

Video Game Preview: Gran Turismo Sport

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