Final Fantasy XV Video Game Preview

Final Fantasy XV Video Game Preview

What do you know about FF15? Here’s a list of what we know so far, and why we’re all excited about its release.

Preview written by Neil A. From Honolulu, Hawaii

The long wait of Final Fantasy fans is almost over. On September 30, 2016, Final Fantasy 15 will arrive at last. While you wait, here are some Final Fantasy 15 preview facts you should know:

1) It will be accompanied by a 5-part anime series, along with an animated movie with a voice cast that includes Sean Bean, Lena Headey, and Aaron Paul.


2) It will be available for the Xbox One and the PS4. So that means owners of the PS3 and the Xbox 360 should really start thinking about an upgrade. Meanwhile, a PC version is also being mulled over.

3) It uses the new Luminous engine from Square Enix. That means the details of the game can be astounding. The video you get from real time game play can rival the quality of the cutscenes in other games.


4) Hajime Tabata is the director, and not Tetsuya Nomura. Nomura became famous as the character designer in FF7, but he really became prominent as the Kingdom Hearts franchise director. Still, Tabata did work on Type-0, and Nomura did influence the characters, story, and overall world design.


Final Fantasy 15 Preview


5) There will still be a Moogle. Granted, Tabata wanted to make FF15 a bit more realistic and darker, with monsters that actually look less cuddly. Still, a fan vote ensured that the iconic Moogle will make an appearance.


6) Forget about walking all the way. It’s such a large world to explore that you’ll need a car (the Regalia). If you manage to progress on your journey, the car can get an upgrade into an impressive flying machine. Of course, you also get boats for water travels.


7) Minigames will still be featured in various rest stops along the way. However, the focus will be on fishing and pinball.


8) Gameplay may also be more complicated than you may think from the demo. The navigation and battles may involve a lot of vertical space usage.


9) Two kingdoms, Lucis and Niflheim, are at war over a set of magical crystals that Lucis used to build its civilization. Then Niflheim staged a surprise attack that killed both the King and the Prince of Lucis.


10) The main character is Noctis (the son of the King of Lucis), who didn’t really die. You’re joined by 3 party members and sometimes a guest member will come along.


Preview Of Final Fantasy XV


11) Noctis can use 5 swords, and sometimes he can use them all at once. So it shouldn’t matter that the previous plan of real time character switching has been scrapped.


12) Unlike traditional turn-based FF versions, the combat will be full of action and in real time. You can launch fireballs to start the action, and then you can come in with quick slashes a light blade. Then a huge sword will do just fine for the coup de grace. Just learn to dodge the enemy attacks!


13) The health bar mechanics are different. There’s a new “danger zone” in effect. You can be rescued by a comrade when you hit zero HP, but then you can only regain a low HP maximum until you reach camp and rest.

There’s more, but that should suffice for now. July is upon us, and we can’t wait when September ends!


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