Fallout 4 Video Game Review

Bethesda, the game creators, were really going for the next one up from their previous games, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Which I think in all honestly they did just that with Fallout 4. It was a very much anticipated game and it had a huge blowout when released. A lot of gamers had high hopes for this game. Some were very happy and excited and some unfortunately were a little disappointed. Let me elaborate on this.

Fallout 4 is a role playing game with first person/third person shooting. It is based out in the “commonwealth,” also known as Massachusetts. What remains is the post apocalypse of the Boston metropolitan area. It’s very striking, the world and the setting. You could describe it as being beautifully ruined. Rubbish and rubble everywhere with large buildings and amazing sights to see, even from afar.

Review: Fallout 4

The game is basically ruled around you trying to find your family. I won’t go into too much detail about the game (I won’t spoil it for you), I promise. It is about different groups that came together after the apocalypse happened and everyone trying to rule. With lots of places to explore, side quests, missions etc., it is hard to say there’s nothing to do. A person can easily play this game, well over one hundred hours. I know, because I have. 

It’s such an amazing game especially for it’s free roaming. You are free to roam anywhere and everywhere your character desires. It keeps you thrilled when exploring new areas. They also allow you to scavenge practically anything and use it. Whether for weapons, health, base building, ammunition, upgrades, or to make drugs, you can scavenge and use items in so many different ways. You can pick up just about anything, even the fire extinguisher. This game has so much depth to it.

Video Game Review: Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, you are able to use your points from leveling up and use them to specifically level up your character. Pick and choose from many different attributes and build your character how you please. It’s all up to you, whether you want a sneaky ninja or a flesh eating savage. Customize your character’s appearance as well. The face, body, sex, and clothing is all customizable. Dialogue is very intriguing in this game, for the reason where what you say has something to do on how you progress. Say the right things at the right time and you may be rewarded, and vice versa.

Power armor is another building aspect of the game which is very interesting as well. Use your powerful suit of power armor when going into some intense fights, or exploring. Build up your power armor suit to be super strong, sneaky, or able to fly. The base building has a lot of buzz going on about it. Base building is something a gamer can spend an exponential amount of time on. I mean this is the base they will house their people and has all of their possessions, etc. They want to secure that. You must make sure your base has food, water, beds, power, lights, and especially fire power to keep the bad guys out. Create turrets and bombs so you can slow your enemies down if and when they choose to strike your base. Awesome idea!

Fallout 4 Video Game Review

On the other hand, some gamers do have some complaints. There is a lot of bugs as well. Fallout 4 did not come out perfect the first time it was released and still, even after the recent releases of their DLCs, they are still having some problems with bugs and glitches. They say the graphics could have been better, glitches can be fixed, base building could have been made easier and less complex, finding companions is too difficult, etc. I’m sad to say the obvious truth but not all games are made perfect. That is why new ones are always being created. They create something even better than their last. Let’s hope their next game can knock our shoes off, just like Fallout 4 has. But you have to give Bethesda the credit they deserve on making a game with such an amazing plot and storyline with just as good side quests and missions. It’s a trade off, I say.

All in all, Fallout 4 is game worth having and playing through. I have been playing it over two hundred hours and still haven’t gone through every single side quest, mission, or what have you. It’s an addicting game, that you can play, build, and customize to your liking. I can appreciate a good game when I play one, can you?